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Home Beauty Tips

Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder.However,this need not be a costly adventure.


The following are some home beauty tips one can apply to attain that classy and confident look:

Home beauty Tip 1:Facial beauty tips

Home Beauty Tip 2:Skin care

This can be achieved by developing a regular cleansing,toning and moisturizing techniques using natural products

Those with acne problems can make use of garlic to kill all bacterias from  the area affected.The steps to be taken include

  • crush fresh garlic
  • apply a small portion onto the acne
  • let it stay for 10minutes
  • rinse it off
  • moisturize your face

Skin care can also be enhanced through the use of tomato pulp,and honey,each applied separately or on alternate days.

To get a smooth skin,i would recommend that one applies olive  oil onto the face before retiring to bed at night

Home Beauty Tip 3: Hair care

To avoid having weak and brittle hair, i would recommend the following:

  • make a mixture of 1 egg,1/4 avocado,and 3 tablespoons of tomato pulp.
  • wash your hair to remove oil
  • apply the egg,avocado and tomato mixture
  • allow it to rest for 30 minutes
  •  wash and rinse off your  hair  using a herbal shampoo
  • blow dry your  hair at home,or visit a salon for a set to me made

Home Beauty Tip 4:Nail care

To avoid having weak nails,it is recommended that one does a manicure at least once  per week.

Steps include:

  • remove  previous nail polish
  • file nails from the side to the center using a wooden nail file
  • apply lanolin cream on  your cuticles
  • soak your hands in warm water for at least 15 minutes
  • remove your hands from the water and using a soft wooden cuticle pusher,push teh cuticles back
  • wash your hands
  • apply a body scrub on your hands  whilst massaging for 3 minutes
  • wash off the scrub and dry your hands
  • apply the desirable nail polish starting with a base coat

Home Beauty Tip 4:Mouth Care

For those who suffer form a bad mouth smell,you could try gurgling your mouth with baking soda  mixed into water ;then finish off by brushing your teeth.

This should be done daily

In Closing:

All the above home beauty tips can be undertaken in less that 2 hours.

Enjoy these home beauty tips


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Government Chemist

Today i heard the most shocking news.

Can you believe it that the Government Chemist whose mandate  is to analyze all crime forensic related evidence in the country is short staffed

Cases of sexual violence are therefore not well prosecuted due to this shortage of staffing.

Why would the government only allow 2 forensic scientists to work in this department,when there are thousands of qualified youth looking for jobs?

Where exactly does the priority of  our government lie?

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Alfred Mutua Must Go

The last two weeks have seen Alfred Mutua make blunders.

First,he publicly denied knowledge of any famine related deaths in the country

Today,we are being told how he went ahead and placed adverts in newspapers that cost the tax payer Kshs 2.5M.

I don’t understand why the president still has this guy in office.He should just be told to pack and go or even face the wrath of Mama Lucy Kibaki

If the office of the Prime Minister has let go of Miguna Miguna,why can’t the office of the  president follow suit

Mutua,please do as a favor of stepping down or styling up

I do hope that you will heed this call

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