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Signs of An Abusive Relationship in Kenya

How to know if you are in an abusive relationship in Kenya:

It is not hard for one to gauge if they are in an abusive relationship, as one can use the following indicators t establish this:

  • Does you partner insist on accompanying you everywhere?
  • Does your partner question all phone conversations with people of the opposite sex
  • Is your partner overly jealous
  • Does your partner control your movements
  • Does your partner threaten to harm you in any way during an argument
  • Does your partner restrict your contact with friends and relatives
  • Does your partner always threaten to divorce or throw you out of the matrimonial house

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, it is good for you to seek help from a friend, relative or professional counselors

Do not procrastinate seeking help when experiencing any form of violence, lest something serious actually happens to you or your children

Regarding domestic violence, we all need to ACT NOW to help those affected and help prevent new cases of domestic violence.

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Raila Pays Tax

We finally have the Kenyan Prime Minister,Raila Odinga leading by example.

It doesn’t matter what his motive are.

Bottom line……….

Raila has paid his tax

Whether its this move is politically driven……

Raila has paid his tax

Whether its a PR gimmick…….

Raila has paid his tax

Whether its a selfish move…….

Raila has paid his tax

What Kenyans want is for everyone to pay up his taxes that will go along way in building out infrastructure

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Kenyan Politicians Should Pay Up Their Taxes

Who ever said that leadership is a cheap venture?

Kenyan politicians are really a pain when it comes to matters regarding money.

These individuals seem to forget that they are the most highly paid in Commonwealth.They at times act as though we the general public are their slaves.

Someone needs to remind these Kenyan politicians that we are their masters and they our servants.


Kenyan politicians ought to realize that paying of taxes is not a philanthropic exercise.

TheĀ  title of a famous Mexican soapĀ  opera of the 1990s,”The Rich Also Cry”,clearly brings out this point,as to how our Kenyan Politicians,who are by all means rich are crying foul upon being asked by the taxman to pay up their taxes.

Do our Kenyan politicians ever wonder where their salary plus other allowances come from?

If not,Mheshimiwa,let me remind you:Its us the general public who pays you through our taxes.

Way forward:

We should demand that our Kenyan politician whether with a mortgage or not to pay up their taxes.

If this doesn’t happen,they should be denied all services accorded to the public at the tax payers expense.

These services include:Lighting,garbage disposal,access to public resources for their harambees,etc.

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